Recap- Candidates Night, Englewood Board of Education

October 25, 2017



















The following 8 BOE candidates were invited / Los siguientes 8 candidatos BOE fueron invitados:


Dr. Deirdre Paul

William Feinstein

Dalia Lerner

Howard Haughton

Brent Watson

Betty Griffin

Michelle Marcom

Matthew Garrison (not in attendance)




Each candidate had an opportunity to give an opening statement and to respond to questions from the public. Candidates received 1-1.5 minutes to respond.


Formato: Cada candidato tuvo la oportunidad de dar una declaración de apertura y responder preguntas del público. Los candidatos recibieron 1-1.5 minutos para responder.


Q&A between the audience and the candidates included:



Board meeting time and format

Budget and spending

Accountability overall (board, superintendent, administration, teachers)

Diversity overall

Englewood Cliffs potentially severing its partnership with Dwight Morrow High School

Governing bodies of EPSD and the City of Englewood working together


Preguntas y respuestas entre el público y los candidatos incluidos:

Tiempo y formato de la reunión de la Junta
Presupuesto y gasto
Responsabilidad general (junta, superintendente, administración, maestros)
La diversidad en general
Englewood Cliffs potencialmente cortar su asociación con Dwight Morrow High School
Órganos de gobierno de EPSD y la ciudad de Englewood trabajando juntos


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